student handbook


Students receive two attempts at every assessment which is provided for in their course fees. A resubmission, or second attempt, is an edit of the first attempt to all the student the opportunity to provide additional or expanded evidence of their competency. In some cases, the submission evidence cannot be edited due to its nature (eg anaesthetic or other medical records), in which case it is a new but second attempt.


If after 2 attempts, the assessment is not passed, it is deemed Not Satisfactory. Not Satisfactory also applies if students have presented evidence in a way that is not in line with the assessor guide or requires further clarification before we could determine competency against the associated units.

A Not Satisfactory grade will mean the associated unit or units of competency will not receive a Competent mark. Therefore, to graduate, the student will need to reenrol and attempt again the subject/unit of competency. Fees apply to reenrolments.


Yes, if they meet the criteria and arrange their third attempt within 21 days of feedback being provided.

In some instances, we believe that asking a student to reenrol to compete the subject/unit of competency in full again will not add to their learning, so we allow a third submission, or reattempt. This helps to keep additional course enrolment fees to a minimum for students (as a reattempt fee is much cheaper than reenrolment) and it avoids unnecessary double ups of study time and workload with no additional learning.

A free third attempt may be granted by an Educator if one minor point needs review by the student to meet the standards set out in the unit of competency.

Where more than 2 points, but less than 50% of the overall required points, are Not Satisfactory, a student may request a third attempt for any assessment. A fee is chargeable to cover the additional Educator time as this was not included in the course fees.

The feedback form will clearly show if a third attempt is possible, and whether it is a free or paid attempt.

Requesting third attempts is via the submission of the Third Attempt Request form (students must be logged in to access this).

Where third attempts are granted the student must pay the associated fee for the extra attempt PRIOR to submitting the attempt. This fee is in addition to their set course fee and any instalment payment plans that may be in place.

Third attempts must be arranged within 21 days of receiving feedback for the affected assessment, otherwise the subject will be resulted as Not Satisfactory as reenrolment will be required. If more than 21 days has elapsed, then the assessment will be marked final as Not Satisfactory. Allowing third attempts for assessments marked more than 21 days prior is at the discretion of the Nurse Educators.

The third attempt must be submitted following normal assessment submission procedures in the Learning Centre, and is marked in the same order as all assessments.

If more than 50% of the overall required points are Not Satisfactory, then a third attempt is not allowed. The assessment is resulted as Not Satisfactory and the subject is compiled and the units resulted. Reenrolment is then needed to graduate from the course.