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Obtaining Approval for Placement

Once you have located a workplace willing to take you on, you must obtain our approval and have insurance arranged by completing all the following steps. This all must be completed and approved by us PRIOR to starting your placement.

All forms are available for download from the Placement Arrangement Area in the Learning Centre.

We recommend returning all forms at least three weeks prior to starting to allow time for processing. As part of the processing we need toconfirm requirements with the workplace if we are unsure they have the right equipment or if we need further information from the workplace or your Mentor.

The steps you need to take are:

The first step is to get ACAC to approve the workplace as suitable for placement. To do this, you will need the workplace to fill out the Workplace Approval Form and return to us for processing.

These need to be scanned and uploaded into the Learning Centre in the Placement area. If you can’t scan the documents, you can post them to the address on the form.

For each placement you must have a Workplace Mentor who can help teach and oversee your time at placement. Appropriatementors will have at least 3 years of experience and related animal care qualifications. This person will also sign off on your key skills and other practical assessment logs.

ALL Workplace Mentors need to complete the Workplace Mentor Registration Packet and be approved by us. You return this the same way as the workplace approval paperwork.

In some instances we may not approve a workplace mentor as suitable. You will then need to arrange an alternative mentor at the workplace.

Insurance is vital and is arranged by UQ once we have approved your clinic and mentor and received the ‘Clinical Placement Application’ form.

UQ will contact the clinic direct to obtain a Placement Agreement.

We will email you confirmation that insurance is arranged and in place once UQ has notified us.

You must complete certain subjects prior to starting your placements. This is to ensure you are aware of all the hazards that can be encountered in the workplace, and understand how to undertake the practical tasks necessary for your video assessments.

Performing your practical components prior to completing the associatedtheory will make it harder for you to pass video assessments, as you won’t be aware of all the steps or depth required. We assess you to best practice standards, as per your Learner’s Guides, which may differ to the workplace protocols you encounter on placement.

It is also a requirement under WHS legislation that you receive adequate training prior to commencing work, so there are no exceptions to this rule.

Remember that you need to allow time for your work AND any resubmissions to be graded, so make sure you have submitted work well prior to expecting to start placement.

Placement One – Subject Completion Requirements:
  • Working in Animal Care
  • Working Safely in Animal Care
  • Animal Restraint & Transport
Placement Two – Subject Completion Requirements:
  • Placement 1 complete
  • Animal Care & Husbandry
  • Basic First Aid for Animals
  • Communications
  • Infection Control