student handbook



All students must log in regularly and complete work. This includes completing learning activities and assessments. Every student must submit an assessment at least every 8 weeks. Although at this pace, it is impossible to complete the course work in the enrolment timeframe. We recommend you stick with the suggested due dates to ensure that you complete your course in the allotted time frame.

If a student is unable to study, or wishes to take a short break, they must complete the Study Break Notification Form to let us know that life is busy and they are still planning on studying. It is completely OK to take a break from study, or have a holiday! This does not alter the expiry date and they may need to extend if they can’t finish in time. We’ll just pop a note in your file.


An inactive student is one who has not logged in to the Learning Centre for more than 30 days. When a student is marked as inactive, warning emails are sent out to the student email account. Students are then required to either login and complete work or contact us to discuss their situation.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they keep on top of their studies and submit work regularly. We will not chase students to keep getting work submitted because as adult learners they are responsible for their own time management and study plans. For students who are under 18, the same rules apply – as they have enrolled in an adult education course, they are responsible for their own learning and course progress.

Of course, submitting regularly is the key to graduation! If the student is not submitting regularly, they won’t be able to finish in time. Students who do not submit regularly and are at least 50% of the way through their course are also not eligible to extend their enrolment – so if students are struggling to keep up or with motivation, they should contact us!


A student who has not logged in for more than 60 days or has not submitted an assessment within the 8 week time frame (even if logging in) will be flagged as ‘Failure to Progress’.

Once a student has been flagged as ‘Failure to Progress’ we will attempt to contact them to assist with reengagement with the course. This includes contact via phone and email. A “Failure to Progress” notification will be sent to the student email account. Students will have their Learning Centre access suspended and must contact us to discuss their course work and regain access.

Students flagged as ‘Failure to Progress’ have 14 days to submit an assessment from the date of notification. After this 14 days, they will be officially withdrawn from the course. Course fees are not refundable and course fees must still be paid in full. To complete the course, the student must reenrol.

Students who have been flagged as Failure to Progress cannot request a study break until after they have reengaged with the course by submitting an assessment as per above.


If a student is no longer planning to study, we ask that they inform us and complete a withdrawal form. We understand that for some students, this is the right option for them, and we won’t be offended. If they do plan to withdraw, course fees are not refundable and course fees must still be paid in full.