student handbook


If students are dissatisfied with their results/feedback for an assessment, they can request that a second remarking of the assessment is performed.

Students will be charged a fee for remarking the assessment. Remarking of their assessment will occur by a different Educator without access to the original feedback of the attempt in question. We will then compare the two feedback forms and the Academic Director will make a decision on the final result.

We will refund students the remarking charge if they pass on the remark of the assessment. If their result is not changed due to the remarking, then the fee is not refundable, and their original result will stand.

Such a request must be submitted on the Assessment Appeals form within seven (7) days following receipt of the result of the assessment (feedback form).

Students should ensure they document the areas of dispute, and we recommend they discuss these concerns with the Educator who marked their assessment prior to submitting an official Assessment Appeal. This enables the Educator to provide any further clarification necessary around their feedback and an open dialogue to occur. This discussion will be documented in their Student File.

If after the remarking has occurred, the matter is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, they have five (5) working days to lodge a formal appeal (again with the same Assessment Appeals form).

Students have the right to invite a support person to be involved in any further discussions relating to the appeal. Students will be notified in writing of the outcome of the discussions and appeal.

If the matter is still not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties within five (5) working days, an appointment should be made to discuss the grievance with the RTO. Students will be notified in writing of the time and online/venue for the meeting.

Students will be advised of the result of that meeting within ten (10) working days. The appeal will either be:

  • Dismissed;
  • Upheld and the initial assessment of the competency endorsed; or
  • Subject to re-assessment.

In the event of a grievance not being resolved internally within ten (10) working days, the student will be advised in writing of external grievance procedures through the Department of Training and Employment, State Training Board or Training Accreditation Council.