student handbook


At Veterinary Nurse Solutions, we take student complaints seriously. If you have a grievance, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Educator: In the first instance, let your Educator know about the grievance. Your Educator will try to resolve it. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for an investigation to occur and your Educator to offer solutions.
  2. Second attempt at resolution: If the complaint is still not resolved, reach out to your Educator again and explain why you believe it has not been resolved. Your Educator will make another attempt to resolve the issue within 3 to 5 business days.
  3. Escalate to management: If the grievance remains unresolved, complete the “Formal Complaint” form (available in the ChatBot) and send it to VNS management within 30 days of the incident. This will initiate a formal investigation, which will take 21 days. We may ask you for additional information as part of the investigation.

A Review Panel will conduct a thorough investigation, which may include interviewing you and others, and negotiating a solution. They will respond to you in writing within 21 days.

Any action taken to resolve the grievance will be documented in the Continuous Improvement Log and filed in the Customer Feedback Reports. This information is used to improve our customer service for future students. A copy of the documentation will also be saved in your Student File.

4. Escalate to an external party: If the grievance remains unresolved, you can escalate your complaint to the RTO you are enrolled with (for nationally recognised training students) or another external party (such as your state department of fair trading) if you are undertaking one of our non-accredited courses. Refer to the RTO handbook for details on their complaints policy and how to lodge a complaint.

For Nationally Recognised Training students, if the RTO is unable to resolve your grievance, they will inform you of the next steps for escalation of your complaint.

The Academic Director or Managing Director may intervene at any stage of this process to help resolve the grievance.