student handbook


If you decide to withdraw from study for any reason, refunds are not available to any student who has commenced the course, including having online access details provided. The initial deposit is only refundable if you withdraw from the course prior to the intake enrolment cut off on the 15th of the month prior. If you withdraw after the cut off of the 15th of the month prior but before you have commenced your course or received online access details there will be no refund of the $495 initial deposit.

It is important to note that if you are paying for your course via instalments, you will be required to continue your payments or pay the balance in full. Failure to do so will lead to your debt being passed to a debt collector.

When you enrol, you are required to sign a declaration where you commit to the course and its cost.

In extreme personal circumstances under our financial hardship policy, we may grant a partial refund, or waive your remaining instalments. If a refund is granted due to extenuating personal circumstances, an administration fee of up to $1325 may be payable in addition to any fees covering all started units of competency.

If you are considering withdrawing, we strongly advise you to contact Student Assist to discuss your situation. There is often always a solution.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with study and balancing life and work – we can assist you with creating a study plan and getting back on track. Never forget why you decided to enrol in the first place! Check out the Wellbeing section.