student handbook


Additional Assessment Costs

These fees only apply outside the standard two attempts per assessment included in your course.

Third attempts (Dec 2023 and prior)$85
Gap/Custom Assessment$120
Requesting an assessment feedback review$80
Additional LLN Assessment*$25
*Only applies if student repeats LLN without being requested to.

Course Extensions

Qualification & Certificate Students

3 month Extension$270
6 month Extension$510
12 month Extension$850
18 month Extension$1250
24 month Extension$1500
Re-instatement fee$225

Short Course Students

3 months.
This is the only option for short course students.

Printing & Postage Costs

Note: Costs will be higher for International students and will depend on location.

Replacement Learner’s Guides$45 each
Replacement student folder (depending on qualification)$350-$490

Subject Re-enrolment

This may be applicable if you are graded as “Not Satisfactory” or the subject becomes superseded and you have not completed it prior to being closed.

Depending on the subject (most subjects are around $300)$225-$490

Course Fee Instalments

Change of Direct Debit Agreement$90
Late payment Fee (missed debit)$30