student handbook




For any questions regarding your course instalment payments – you will need to contact Student Assist.

If you cannot afford an instalment, it is vital you contact us, as if you fall more than 2 weeks behind in payments your access to the Learning Centre will be blocked. You may also be charged an overdue or missed debit fee. You will find us very accommodating and we will work with you to make the instalments affordable if you are in financial hardship.


All students who enrol with us and elect to pay via instalments are bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Instalment payments are only available to Australian residents and only via direct debit arrangements.
  2. By enrolling with instalment payments selected, you commit to the nominated instalments and are liable for the full cost of the course, even if you/the student decides to not complete the course.
  3. If you fall in arrears with your instalments for 14 days or over, access to the course areas online will be restricted, and assessments will not be graded unless an alternative payment date or arrangement is authorised.
  4. If you miss a payment and the associated re-debit 3 days later, you must pay your instalment direct to us. A $30 administration and debit dishonour fee will be added to your invoice. We will email you an updated invoice. This invoice is immediately payable. Please note: your bank may also charge you dishonour fees. All future debits will remain in place as normal.
  5. If your account remains in arrears for 30 days or more, without an alternative payment date or arrangement authorised, you will be withdrawn from the course. Your remaining course fees will become immediately fully payable and invoiced to you. We reserve the right to take legal action to recover the monies without further notice to you and/or report your debt to a credit reporting agency and ask them to record the default on your credit report. In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including commission on collection of the additional costs and also including legal demand costs.
  6. If for any reason a new direct debit agreement needs to be set up, a $90 fee will apply to cover administration costs. This fee must be paid prior to the new agreement being put in place.
  7. If you repeatedly default on your instalment plan schedule, more than three times where both the initial and re-debit have failed, which may not be consecutive, we may cancel your ability to have future payment plans and the balance of your course fees will be invoiced to you and become immediately payable.



If you are paying for your short course via Humm (our payment partner) you will need to contact them regarding any of your instalments. We are unable to assist you with information or alternative payment structures as it is all external to us.


If you have an instalment plan in place with us for the longer non-accredited courses and need an alternative payment plan in place, you will need to contact us. The same instalment terms & conditions above apply to your enrolment.

If you cannot afford an instalment, it is vital you contact us immediately. If you fall more than 2 weeks behind in payments your access to the Learning Centre will be blocked. 

If your payments remain behind for more than 30 days – you will be withdrawn from the course and a final invoice will be sent for payment of all outstanding course fees. 

Please contact us if you are having financial difficulties and we will assist you where we can.