student handbook


RPL is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine if they hold the same level of skill and knowledge as someone who has studied the course. It is different to a credit transfer, where you have already completed the unit in another course.

RPL is a faster way to gain your qualification if you already have the right experience and knowledge. You will have to supply verifiable evidence to show you meet the unit outcomes. This means you will to perform some assessments such as written assessments and videos, as well as provide examples of work and other evidence from the workplace. A letter from a current or previous boss or CPD certificates are not enough evidence. As assessor must see you perform skills to verify your competency level as well as have evidence of your knowledge.

Many students find that once they are enrolled and studying the course, they prefer to complete the set assessments then apply for RPL. Not only do they learn more to add to what they already know, it’s an easier journey to complete the assessment than to locate enough evidence to cover all the unit requirements – especially when much of that evidence involves animals. The assessments are written to ensure they cover all the unit requirements.

It is important to note, that RPL does not reduce your course fees. We do have some RPL programs in place that are cheaper than studying in full as we are not sending resources. If you are enrolled in a full study course and elect to RPL components, it can reduce your study time but you won’t receive a refund on the course fee component.

We would like to stress, that if you do enrol in one of our FastTrack RPL programs, you are not enrolling in a course. No resources are provided and we will not teach you anything (although most student say they learn bits and bobs as they complete it). It is purely a process for you to demonstrate you already have the knowledge and skill as the qualification required.. This includes the background knowledge on WHY you complete tasks the way you do, not only HOW you complete them. Once we assess the evidence you supply, it is not guaranteed you will gain a competency for every unit, you may be required to study some subjects in full if our assessors deem that you don’t quite have the right level of knowledge and/or skills. This will incur fees.

If you are unsure or need advice on whether RPL is suitable for you, contact Student Assist.