student handbook


Here at Veterinary Nurse Solutions we pride ourselves on our student support.

We know that students want to learn, but we also know that to learn, students need support.

All our students have access to the industry’s best student support structure. If they need help, there are several ways they can reach us from Monday to Friday, including late nights on Thursday.

We deliver adult education, that means when students need help, it’s up to them to contact us. Our Educators are more than happy to offer study plan assistance and schedule some regular check ins with them, but they need to ask. Students are expected to drive their own learning to keep on track and contact us when they do need help. It’s not like school where the teacher will hound students for their homework – so they need to make sure they have the time set aside to study each week.

Each Learner’s Guide also lists all assessments at the front, along with a suggested submission schedule to help students keep on track. They should use this to design their study schedule and as a method of checking their results and progress in each subject.

Students will also find our Educators often pop into the Facebook Student Groups and answer questions out of hours and on weekends. We just ask that they respect their down time and don’t tag them.

If students have a question on how we operate here or what’s expected, and this guide hasn’t answered it, then the first stop is the Answers tab in the chatbot where all the FAQ can be found. Just look for the Live Chatbot on the bottom right side of the Learning Centre.

Some things are just easier to explain in a discussion. We have a dedicated student assist Educators on each day where students book an appointment for help between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. These sessions can occur via phone or Zoom.

Weekends and after hours please email or use the Student Facebook Group.

For administration assistance (not content or assessments) you can call our office to speak with our Admin team during business hours.


(All numbers come to Melbourne Office)

MELBOURNE: (03) 8376 6455
 (07) 3102 0749
ADELAIDE: (08) 7200 5389

Can’t find an answer in the Answers tab? Email us at Student Assist. We respond to emails several times each day, including over the weekend. So an answer will be through to you quickly.

We have an AI powered chatbot who can direct you to the right information or a link to book the help you need.

These are closed Facebook groups for current students and graduates. This is a good place to offer support for one another other and offer an opportunity for networking. Educators and assessors moderate the page, but helping each other is important too.