student handbook


At Veterinary Nurse Solutions, we strive to deliver courses that are in line with best practices in both education and animal care. We are proud of the quality of our learning resources, course content, and our graduates’ level of knowledge and confidence.

To maintain our high standards, we regularly review and update our policies, procedures, forms, handbooks, and resources. The latest versions will always be available for students to access, either via this website, through the Help Box or by contacting Student Assist.

We will inform you of any changes that affect you as a student via your student email or newsletter. It’s important to check your student email account regularly to stay informed.

If you extend your course enrolment, it’s rare, but you may need to update your learning resources for any uncommenced subjects, for which there is a small fee.

Every 5 years or so, the training packages are reviewed and updated to meet current industry standards. If a new training package is released, there is a 12-month “teach-out” period, during which all students must complete their studies in that qualification. In some cases, you may be able to transition to the new version of the course, but fees may apply.

Sometimes units of competency are superseded and must be swapped out of your course enrolment to meet training package requirements. If this happens to a credit transfer unit, you will be required to pay course fees to enrol in a replacement unit unless you have another unit of competency we can use as a credit transfer. If this happens to a unit of competency you are yet to undertake assessment for, we will change the unit for you at no extra charge. If you have undertaken assessment and we can no longer use the unit, you will be required to pay course fees to enrol in a replacement unit.

If a training package change affects your enrolment, we will notify you as soon as possible and provide you with relevant information.