student handbook


All training providers must physically see their students perform the tasks as required by the qualification training package. Here at ACVN, we use video assessments to ensure we meet this criteria. This allows us to keep course fees lower. Alternatively, you can arrange for a Nurse Educator to visit you, however, this does attract additional fees.

Every video has full instructions on what needs to be included. We do not require anything fancy, just using a smartphone is fine. Most computers come with basic video editing software if you need it.

An Educator will assess your video and provided feedback. This feedback will help you learn further as well as let you know how you did. Sometimes, instead of resubmitting a video, we may also give you a phone call to bridge the gaps in your video.

No need to be nervous, these videos can be relaxed and should be a bit of fun. We don’t mind if you leave little bloopers in there.