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Frequently Asked Questions

This course should be completed within 12 months. If you’re currently still at school, you might want to discuss extending this to a longer period. We find most students need to dedicate at least 5 hours per week to study. This will give you enough time to finish the required reading and complete assessment tasks. If you’re a quick study, you can also complete the course faster if you wish. Additional fees apply if you want to extend your study time past 12 months.

Completing the vocational placements (work experience) is an integral feature of our courses, designed to build up your practical skills and make you work ready. You’ll be required to find you own placements, but we’ll also assist where we can, and help you with vital tools such as writing cover letters and resumes. Plan to do your placements in two-week blocks at animal shelters, boarding facilities, pet shops or other animal-related workplaces. Some students may require additional days of work experience to complete the skills component of the course. We can arrange for this at no extra charge. If you need more flexibility, you can break up your placements into smaller chunks – just as long as you complete a minimum 20 full time days over the duration of the course (e.g. 1 day per week or 4 x 1-week blocks). During your placement, you’re fully covered by the RTO’s insurance.

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