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Work Placement Requirements

As part of your course you will need to undertake volunteer work experience in order to develop your practical skills, this work experience is referred to as ‘Work Placement’.

You will need to undertake a minimum of 15 days work experience, with each day being 7.5 – 8 hours in duration. We do recommend you complete the full 20 days across both placements. You may undertake additional days, to a maximum of 30 days, ifyou wish.

It is mandatory to complete at least 112 hours of experience between the two placements, with 75 of these forming Placement Two.

We suggest structuring your placements as 5-10 days about mid way through for Placement One, and 10 days at the end of your course for Placement Two. However, placement structure is flexible in order to allow you to work the hours around other commitments. You can divide it up any way you like to suit you and the workplace, this includes one day a week and similar. As long as you meet the minimum hours in total and pre-placement conditions – then you can arrange it however you want.

Suitable workplaces include pet shops with animals, shelters, boarding facilities, and groomers.